New to FBC Oakboro

Welcome Letter from Pastor Jonathan

How do I get there?

While some folks might think Oakboro is in the middle of nowhere, we prefer to think that we’re in the middle of everywhere. If you’re in the area, getting to First Baptist is a cinch no matter which direction you’re coming from.

From Albemarle and the east:
Head west on 24/27 for about 10 minutes until you see our great neighbor, Red Cross Baptist at the first working traffic light. Turn left (south) on Oak Ridge Road, and stay on this all the way into town (it’s about 3.4 miles). You can’t miss us on the left.

From Locust and the west:
Head east on 24/27 until you come to that same Oak Ridge Road intersection with Red Cross Baptist on the northwest corner. Turn right (south) on Oak Ridge Road, and keep driving until you see us on the left (about 3.4 miles).

From Stanfield to the west:
Hop on Big Lick Road off of NC-200 at the Wayside Family Restaurant. Stay on this all the way to S Oak Ridge Rd. Turn right at the Liberty Gas Station and head into Oakboro. You can’t miss us on the left.

From Norwood to the southeast:
Jump on South Stanly School Road, past South Stanly High School. When you come into Aquadale, merge onto Aquadale Road (NC-138) and wind carefully through the country for about 6.3 miles. At the stop sign, turn right on Main Street, drive three more blocks and we’re on your right.

From Wadesboro to the south:
If you live even further out in the country in the direction of Wadesboro, getting here is a piece of cake. Find your way to NC-742 and head north. You’ll eventually roll into town and you can’t miss us on the right.

From Monroe to the southwest:
Take Morgan Mill Rd (NC-200) out of town for 11.4 miles (starting from NC-74). At NC-218, turn right (Crossroads Diner will be on your left). Stay on NC-218 for about 4.2 miles. When you come to NC-205, turn left. Stay on this all the way into Oakboro. Turn left on Main St., and the church is three blocks up on your right.

Whichever direction you’re coming from, there is a way to get to First Baptist. We hope you’ll find it and we will see you soon!

What should I do when I get there?

Every church campus can feel a little confusing and intimidating to someone who’s never been there before. We know that ours is no exception. We all know where to go because we’ve been around long enough, but we understand that you, our guest, don’t. Adding to the fun, we have three different buildings to choose from! Let’s see if we can make things a bit more familiar before you arrive.

The main sanctuary and educational building sits facing Main Street on the corner of Main and Fourth. Our main parking lot is located just behind this building across Kids Club Alley (while there is almost no traffic on it, it is a functioning road so use caution when crossing!). If for some reason you’re running a little late and the lot has filled, there is extra parking in the gravel lot across Fourth Street from the main lot. Check out the picture below to get a better sense of where everything is.

Once you find a spot to park, it’s time to come inside. If you have arrived for Sunday school (9:45), you will want to enter through the door on the right in the back of the building (check out the picture above). Once inside, a greeter will meet you with a warm smile and instructions to help get you and all your crew to the right places.

If you have arrived for worship (11:00), while it would make sense to go in the same building where the main sanctuary is, one of our pleasant quirks is that we have outgrown that space. We meet for worship in the fellowship building located at the south end of the main parking lot. Enter through the double doors facing the lot. A greeter will let you know how glad we are that you have joined us, give you a bulletin so you know what’s going on, and hand you off to one of our ushers who will help you find just the right seat.

If you have come for The Gathering Place on Wednesdays, dinner starts at 5:45 in the fellowship building (dinner is $5 for adults, $2.50 for kids, $15 max for families, and the first meal is always on us). Bible study groups meet after dinner in various other locations on campus (notably, the adults in the main sanctuary across the street), but if you’ve made it for dinner someone will help make sure you know where to go next.

What time should I get there?

There are several times to be involved in what’s going on at First Baptist.
On Sunday mornings we have Bible study groups for all ages beginning in the main sanctuary building at 9:45 (Sometimes we start a little late! If you’re here by 10:00 you’ll be safe). Worship starts at 11:00 in the fellowship building.
On Wednesday nights we have The Gathering Place. This time of fellowship and food starts at 5:45 in the fellowship building. Bible study groups for adults, youth, kids, and a nursery for the littlest ones begin at 6:45. The adults, kids, and nursery all meet in the main sanctuary building, while the youth meet across the yard in the youth building (check out the picture above to see where everything is). If you want to be a part of our choir we would be glad to have you. They rehearse most Wednesday nights starting at 7:45.

There are various other activities going on depending on the season. Check out the newsfeed on our main page, our Facebook page, or the bulletin if you’ve been able to catch a service for more information on when and where these will begin.

Is there anything else I should know?

While that covers some of the most important things to know about getting here on your first trip, there may be some other questions you still have swimming around in your head. We’ve tried to think of the most common ones to help you out as much as we can.

What should I wear?

We generally prefer clothes! More to the point, we’re a family here at First Baptist and we want you to be a comfortable part of it. On Sunday mornings you will find people wearing everything from shorts and t-shirts to suits and ties. Most folks fall somewhere in the middle. For The Gathering Place on Wednesday nights, come comfortable like you might to your own dinner table. The big idea is: You find where your comfort level is and we’ll be happy with that.

I have kids…where do they go?

Coming to a new place for the first time is always a little scary. It’s even trickier when you have kids in tow who might not be as willing to go along with Operation: Don’t Draw Attention to Ourselves as you’d like them to be. Rest assured: We have lots of families and kids at First Baptist and ours don’t always behave like we want them to either. All that is to say: Come and be yourselves. We’ll be happy with that. If you want to keep your littlest kiddos with you since it can be intimidating for them to be separated from you for any amount of time during those first few visits, they are welcome to be in the worship gathering with us.

At the same time, we have a nursery available each week with great workers in the main sanctuary building. Enter the building through the back entrance from the parking lot (see the image above), head up the set of stairs just inside the door, turn left, and the nursery is at the end of the hallway. As for the distance…we know…it’s a lot. Here’s what we promise: First, our workers will get all your info, including your cell number, so they can text you immediately if your little one needs you; and second, the building will be secured so that your little ones are safe. We value the safety and security of your little guys just like you do. If you trust us to watch them so you can focus a bit more fully in the worship gathering, we will honor that gift.

During the service, there will be an opportunity for our grade school-aged guests to head out for a special lesson on their level prepared just for them. One of our volunteers will lead the group out the side doors and just across Kids Club Alley to the youth building (see the image one more time) where they will have some fun learning the Gospel on their level. As with the nursery, your young ladies and gentlemen will be welcome to join the kids already going, but by no means have to if they (or you) are not ready for it. And as with the nursery, we’re all about keeping the little ones safe. The youth building with be secured while they are there and you will be able to be reunited with them immediately following the worship service.

Is there anything else?

Sure! If you will be joining us for worship, the restrooms are located on the right in the main hallway just after you enter the fellowship building from the parking lot. In the main sanctuary building there are men’s and women’s restrooms located on each floor. Look for the signs to point you in the right direction.

Also, our worship services are intended to create a space in which you can join with our family in connecting with our mutual heavenly Father. While there will be a set plan for each service, we want you to be able to participate as the Holy Spirit leads you. If you want to sing with us (the lyrics for all the songs will be displayed on the sides of the front of the room), please do! If you need to simply experience the music though, go right ahead. And if nature happens to call while we’re rolling, you will not bother anybody slipping out the back to answer.

That’s about everything we can think of, but if you still have questions you are more than welcome to give us a call, drop us an email, or leave us a message on our Facebook page and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks so much for learning more about what your visit will be like. We can’t wait to meet you in person!